Dear Iron Man Diary: Damn Goblins

For a change of pace, i came in contact with James Hallow. He is a proud Worgen how is frustrated with the bad behavior of the greedy Goblins. He asked me to help them up at Talonbranch. Talking with the hippogryph master, Hanah, i flew up there to talk with Denmother Ulrica.

I do not condone hunting down Horde members for no reason. Going up against the greedy Goblins, is included. She assured me that they have given them plenty of warnings that they need to respect their land, or they will resort to violence. So, i accepted helping them fight the green ones.

As druids they work with nature and take great pride when spirits of the forest join them. So, when someone try to take them away and abuse the spirits and ruin the forest, they get angry. Rightfully so. For that reason, Lyros wanted me to collect some wisps. The more we can protect, the better it is.

Gaining some trust with Lyros and Ulrica, I was sent to aid Alton Redding. He have a small troop who have sneaked behind enemy lines and will strike while the green ones are distracted up here at Talonbranch. I was, and still am, more than happy to take down any who wish to destroy the forest. Alton wanted to know if i am ok with getting “uncivilised”; i sure am.

After destroying some more Goblins and their machines I went back to my new home. It lack beds, but i just lay down on the grass. It is so peaceful there i doubt sleeping will be a problem. It has been a long day, with travelling and all. Good night.



Dear Iron Man Diary: More Demon Hunters

Back with Feronas, I felt ready to continue learning what he claim happened. I first joined the memory, or illusion if you want, of Illidan fighting to claim the skull of Gul’Dan. It is there he took the first step toward the monster he now is and i saw the transformation with my own eyes. He did not look scared and did not look surprised. He said himself he took the power as his own and would become stronger than any of Archimondes soldiers. It completed him.

Afterward Feronas continued to talk about hos Illidan did not flee and use the new powers for his own gain. He hunted down Tichondrius and defeated the Dreadlord. He did actually do what he could to help this place. Tyranda and Malfurion appeared and i saw the confrontation. How Malfurion cast him away, with not even a thank you. I guess he was afraid of what had become of his brother, but it feel wrong to just kick him out. Even Tyranda did not seem to disagree with her mate. One may not agree with the actions of family or friends, but simply casting them away like trash, is wrong.

Feronas is angry at how his master was, still is, treated. But claim it is not why he slayed the night elves. He gave me a bandana, soaked in demon blood and told me it would help me see the true beeings that he killed. Based on what he say, the ones he took down is not druids at all, but demons. I did take it on and took it off a few times. As i did i could see what appeared to be druids change in plain sight. They changed to wretched demons. Putting on a blindfold like that, did not seem smart, but i felt i had to. As I plowed through the “shifters”, as he call them, i could feel something strange happening. As it got worse and i had taken down a few, he pulled me out of it. I do not know how. He appreciated my lust for killing but said it would corrupt me, due to lack of traning.

I have to add he keep putting things in front of me, backing up what he claim is true. He is very convincing. However, what he now claim, is that Arch Druid Navarax is their leader. The one atop of the tower. The friendly one who greeted me when i arrived in Whisperwind Grove.

I took some time to talk with Wylaria, who I have spent quite some time with the last few days. I trust her and she said she has seen nothing strange. Nothing to say anything weird has happened here. Not even Hurak have seen anything. Based upon what Feronas have said, what i have learned which also is back up by information already known, i went to talk to Navarax. At first he seemed shocked and sad by the claims. I pushed some more and he suddenly changed, turning into a jadefire satyr. It was a sad sight and thankfully i was prepared.

A true Druid came and checked on us. If this had happened before he changed i would probably not be here, writing this. I ran to Selura to tell about what i have learned. As with myself, i found it hard to believe at first, but what came before my eyes, were grim proof.

It is time to call it a day. They removed the body, so i feel safe staying up here one more night. Not much to take pictures off today, sadly.

Dear Iron Man Diary: Demon Hunters

I planned on taking today off. I felt I earned that. Alas, it was not to be. Selura, a Hunter, said the Emerald Circle had sent several druids to cleanse the Jadefire ruins. While there, many were murdered by their own kind, a Night Elf. I was shocked. It was said one of them demon hunters was the guilty one. She wanted me to see if the witness was right.

Isural Forestworn said I should take some time to reflect with all the heavy tasks and new impressions that fill up my mind. It is important to not get to sucked in, so that I can make the right decisions and not enjoy the slaughter much. He gave me a vial I filled up at the moonwell. It was such a beautiful sight and I finally got confirmed it really was the moonwell. It is a sight to behold. Overflowing with magic. If I wanted to do it the right way, I would pour it out on the very top between the three ancients (i don’t really know what he meant with that, to be honest).

With the important quest ahead I thought it would be best to first take a step back and reflect. Clear my mind. A lot has happened the last days. Or, is it weeks at this point? I rarely see the sun and the humidity is killing me… But, back to the point i was trying to make.

I know the water is magic but not that this would happen. A sprouting came before me and I heard a weak voice, almost as if it were in my head. I think it said “soil” and pointed South. It also asked gently for bugs; it was hungry. I thought about the dead druids, but this may help protect the ancients and help heal the forest. So off I went. It was a fragile thing and said it would follow along to make sure the bugs were as fresh as possible. The same for the soil. It just needed protection. As the sprouting feed it gets bigger. After all was done it were a small tree. It was glorious to watch. The more I help the more I wanted to help it to grow and bring the land back. So it needed to release unfortunate spirits that were trapped in demon infested trees. The protector would take on the spirits to help healing. It also wanted me to guide it to precious sunlight. It was quite some time since I last could feel the warmth so I happily obliged. Now that it was a huge protector of the land, it needed to bring down a withered corrupted protector. It would be the last step before going back to where I poured out the water from the vial. It looked mighty powerful even though small compared to the others. I hope it goes as it said; that it would spread across the forest and that it would heal the land.

When I went for Feronas Sindweller he yielded and said I was a fool for blindly following orders. He is correct, I did follow orders, but why would they lead down the wrong path? He wanted to show me how wrong the Emerald circle was and how Illidan Stormrage and his Demon Hunters were not as bad as we may think. He even claimed that if not for Illidan and his followers, Dreadlord Tichondrias would rule Felwood and it would be a stronghold for the burning Legion. That sound crazy and he must be wrong.

When I was about to attack once more and finish him off, he put me in a spell and made me relive what happened when Illidan was releaed, and he fought Arthas Menethil. It was Arthas that put Illidan on the path to find the skull if Gul’Dan. Stealing it from Tichandrius. Tichandrius was the one who was responsible for corruption the forest. I can not help but wonder if this is real… Have we been wrong to fight the Demon Hunters?

This is where the Sproutling started. A wee one.
As the feeding frenzy continued, it grew much larger.
When we finished it was a huge tree.
It was glorious to leave it in the spot where it all started. I am honoured to have helped.



Dear Iron Man Diary: Slaughterhouse

First things first, I took care of Winna’s cat. It was a beautiful cat that sadly got corrupted. It was heartbreaking to see what had become of her.

Then it was onto taking care of the source of the problem; Winna Hazzard. She was way into the slime. However, Kelnir wanted to give her one more chance. One more chance to feel … something.  She wanted me to show her the eartag. It was a noble suggestion, but to no avail. While at it I put the remaining friends of Altsoba out their misery. I showed mercy. I should add that they looked like a sad bunch. The beautiful Tauren all green with slime covering their heads and face.

Now that I helped out Kelnir I was granted a token to show Tender Puregrove over at Whisperwind Grove. I have stayed there before this but felt some looked over their shoulder while around me. Now I had the token and showed i come in peace. A confirmation like this is very nice to have. I’m sure they feel safer now.

I have already slaughtered so many animals during my days here. However, Tender Puregrove thought otherwise. It’s almost as if this is part of showing I can handle my own. A nice task she had for me was to try save some critters. I truly appreciate that not all go straight for the kill. I was set to scrub a handful of squirrels. I love doing this and much prefer it to killing them. They seemed to understand I was there to help and showed appreciation for me helping them.

I was tipped off that Elessa Starbreeze and Hurak Wildhorn also needed some help.

Elessa work with a group fighting to weaken the demonic corruption and wanted me to help take some samples. The reason was to see if the demonic corruption weakens over time. Simply put, confirm their solution is working. Another important part of the job is to clean up all the rubble from the infernals. It’s the same monsters that many Warlocks have following them around. I was asked to always clean up after myself so the fel won’t seep into the ground and further corrupt this, once, beautiful land.

Hurak have a group that hunt these infernals. To show my worth, he said he appreciate if i help their cause. Kroshius is one that have grown very powerful. I guess he is a leader. Kroshius seem to grow more and more powerful as the cycle continue. The cycle is that some are able to kill it, evil Warlocks come in and reanimate it, which increase his power. Reason for them to do this is unknown. What is known is that the cycle must stop. They learned that if the core is taken and kept safe, Kroshius can not be reanimated. I was happy to help of course.

As I stood infront of Kroshius it hit me how my life was in balance. I was truly about to take on what may be the scariest enemy in my lifetime. The corrupted undead looking beasts is scary. This, however, is on a whole other level. There is no doubt Trampe saved me. He walked through fire and took some heavy hits for me. This is the reason many of us hunters look at our companion as family and go far to help when they need us.

As I wrapped up the tasks I decided to clean up the squirrels. With all the death and decay, let’s end on a positive note. I often say critters and other big animas/beasts understand more than many think. They have a high intelligence and feel pain and love as we do. The squirrels I helped confirmed that. Not everyone was possible to save, but those I were able to save showed how greatly my effort was, and probably still is, appreciated. It brought tears to my eyes. I talked to Tender about this and she nodded and say she feel the same. The small victories, as she said.

Before moving to my sleeping quarter I stopped by Elessa and Hurak.

Thankfully the forest is healing. Slow and steady, which is as much as we can ask for. It looks almost dead to me. She said it’s important to keep faith and the result confirm she is right. I will also remember to clean up after I kill. It will help avoid stalling the healing, since the remains leech into the ground and further poisons the forest. Hurak took time to say he fears enjoying the hunt and kill too much. Maybe that is why he asked for my help. I can understand that he fears enjoy hunting the enemy, and I hope he trust himself to not lose control.

I did a week’s worth of work today. I’m sure about it. My body feels like it has been chewed up and spit out. As I went for the bed, Tender pleaded to have one more task checked off. I helped check on some lashers. Even plants are not safe and she assured me that this is the last quest for today. I barely remember doing the deed. I have fallen asleep a handful of times now so it’s time to finish this.

Now onto dreamland. I also want to note that not many pictures today. It was so busy I forgot to document.

Sleep tight. Good night.

This is one of the squirrels I helped save. So darn cute

This is Kroshius. A enormous monster I feel so good about taking out. 

Dear Iron Man Diary: Not touching that

When I woke up I rode back to Delaris. I was about to use the potion when I saw a smirk on her and the imps face. It gave me a real bad feeling. Deep into my gut. I noticed my palms started sweating even more when she encouraged me to have a drink; repeating it is 100% safe. I took a deep breath … and put the cork back in. Shaking my head I gave it back. I told her I don’t feel comfortable drinking it and said I’m sorry. She did not look happy, and I don’t like to disappoint, but my gut feeling decide. 

As I can back to Wildheart Point Greta asked me why I returned to soon. After telling her what just went down, she smiled and said I did the right thing. Her confirming my gut feeling was wonderful. 

Now that I’m without a job to do, she asked if I want to help gathering some crying violets. I trust her and got on with it. She gave a description on what to look for, So I hope I’ll get what she need. Afterward she said I need to meet her assistant. He is easy to spit, she said. While there, Jessir asked me to slay some demons; I happily obliged. 

While picking the flowers and killing the demons, I started wondering how I got here. I mean… I started this journey with the goal of exploring the land meeting new people. Maybe even some of the legends I’ve heard tales about. Instead, I have slaughtered bad people and been responsible for saving so many people. It’s nice making a difference. I just… 

One cool thing is that I were able to see a corrupted moonwell. It was in Jaedenar and I walked right past it. Andalar Shadevale sent me to it. He is Gretas assistant. I had to fill up the empty canteen for him. He was badly hurt and unable to do the task himself. 

With the canteen is doused the barriers and while at it, killing the demons to stop their progress. Shadow Hold is truly scary. So many skeletons and what looks like proper black magic. I was out of there as soon and possible. I must say, proceeding through the den, it felt like I was in the burning legions home. It reeked of death, torture and demons. It was oozing from the wall, ground and roof. I feel the hair stand up on my back just thinking about it. 

When I came back to Wildheart, Farlus Leafsong assured me he did not intend on sending me back for Andalar. He had other ones to do that job. Instead I was asked to check on Kelnir Pearson up at Bloodvenom Post. Not really a pleasant name, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. 

Kelnir is indeed a strange one. But, I don’t judge. Except she was a tad skantly dressed. But, as a wrote, who am I to judge. You know what, I’ll put it down. She was kind of, strangely, attractive. There! I said it! 

She asked for help saving her friend, Altsoba Ragetotem. He barely escaped Bloodvenom Post. She urged me to be quick to save his life and help him avoid a slimy situation  (haha). 

After I talked to her he wanted to ask one thing. Better now, while alive, so that he won’t leave this earth without avenging his fallen brethrens. Winna Hazzard is responsible for the fate of the Horde Camp. Researching on the oozes, to find a weapon to defeat the mighty Alliance, things went sideways. It’s so honourable that he asked me to kill the green slimes to avoid others will make the same mistake. 

I collected a lot of the to be sure I got the right ones. As she said while going through my bag, it’s not easy for the untrained eye to see the different shades and hues. The right green colour is from the energies of the emerald dream and not demonic corruption. As I talked to Altsoba about the killed oozes he got the antidote. Oh, did he dislike the taste. I was not able to dodge the green slime that shot out of his mouth. GROSSE!  

With that done i said I would look for Winnas cat tomorrow. She apparently fed the poor cat corrupted slime water. Mistreating animals like that is truly evil. They ‘re your loyal family member, that will show you unconditional love and do everything for you. Then you go out of your way and experiment on him/her like that. It’s unforgivable. I must put her down. I hope to save the cat, but I’m not sure it’s realistic. For best possible chance j need to get some zzz. I’ve have not done too much today but what has been completed tool a toll on me. 

The bed at Wildheart was the best in a long time. Kelnir said Whisperwind Grove is a shorter trip and also have nice beds. She said to let them know she sent me and it worked. I’m now putting down these last few words before I collapse. 
Archdruid Navarax was kind enough to take a picture of me on the bed. It’s down below. First some other photos I took. 

Rain comes and goes. Usually I welcome it because create life. We need water. We need it, plants need it, animals need it … everyone. It’s, at times, inconvenient, but we’ll survive it. Here in Felwood though, I hate it. It smells bad and stings. It’s nothing good or healthy about this liquid. 

Heres the Horde Camp. Poor Tauren and whoever else was there. It was not an not an honourable death. 

Here is the new camp I will stay at. It looks wonderful. 

Not only is it beautiful, I felt sunlight for the first time in days. I thought it may have been lost forever. It was not. Some rays managed to push through. 

Here I am on the bed with my companions. My family. My bothers in arms. He was very kind and I feel so safe here. Not to mention it is the best bed I have felt since I started this journey. 

Dear Iron Man Diary: Felwood is creepy

Now that I’m in the infamous Felwood I have to admit it’s kind of scary. I felt the need to add that. I was able to get both Trampe and my mechano mount delivered up here. It almost put me in dept. But it was worth it. Good, trustworthy companions are priceless. The gang is back together and ready to start another adventure. 

Working my way through Azeroth, I never know who I will meet or what they will ask of me. Sometimes I can go a day or two without much to do, which means I have to be on alert for jobs. I want to earn my bed, food and drink. So it’s important for me to work. 

I have heard bad things about the furbolgs. Combined with how menacing they look, it’s the perfect recipe for a bad reputation. So I was on edge when I came to the Emerald Sanctuary. There was Grazle, greeting me. He was friendly and Kelek Skykeeper assured me he meant no harm. We started talking and it is sad they are feared when all they want is to spread the word they are not corrupted. I agreed to help him and his cause. 

My first task took me to the Deadwood tribes village and a totem that is said will communicate with those who come close. Apparently he calls himself Ruumbo. 

Seeing me talk to Kelek and Grazle, Tenell Leafrunner felt comfortable calling for me and asked me to also cut down the Jadefire Satyr population. It was in the same area so, why not. Taronn Redfeather also needed help. Working hard trying to clean up this place is taxing. So I asked what to so and he replied I should kill bears and wolves, brining back pelts, for some reason. When I asked, while pulling out the pelts, he grumbled something about cleansing them. I guess it was none of my business and Taurens do have a special connection to nature. 

Rummbo loves honey. Hehe. He asked me to gather honey. Oh, and kill Deadwood tribe members. I’m wondering if someone is in there, joking with me. I mean. A wooden totem eating honey?!  “No way” i thought. And, as I expected, when I confirmed the jobs where done and honey delivered, I was asked to do a “silly” dance. I knew this wss a joke. Dancing I heard two voices whispering and suddenly, two Furbolg kids ran away. I laughed so hard. I couldn’t get myself to be mad. Grazle, however, were not impressed. He apologised and said he would take care of it. 

As I told Tenell the job is done, He asked if I would keep helping them in their effort to clean out the demons and restoring the forest. With that I was heading over to Ruins of Constellas. The ones I was meeting is a powerful arcanist named Delaris. She is a highborne he told me. 

When we ran on the trail to our next destination. It really dawned on us how corrupted the forest is. It’s amazing anyone can live here, for long periods of time. Maybe they adapt and learn to accept the smells, fog and whatever else assault your senses. Not to mention I can’t feel the sunlight. Or wind. It’s truly depressing being here. 

I don’t believe torture is the way to go. But demons are another breed and is an exception. So I gladly went on my way after she told me to capture an imp. She needed it to help their fight against gel corrupted satyrs. If I did not misunderstand, they have a corrupted moonwell  that will be needed to win the battle. Taking steps toward the goal, I had to capture a imp she called Impsy. Yeah, you read that correct; IMPSY. Geesh. 

After roughing it up, he gave up and said stop. It was a screech that gave chills down my spine. My ears begged for mercy a while after. He needed some ingredients and I insisted on killing some oozes. Do not leave me alone with it and strange enough, I felt safer with the oozes. 

Delaris pushed to keep moving but I’m a wreck. Beauty sleep is needed so she will have to do it herself of wait for tomorrow. Impsy is scared of her. So I’m sure it will be no problems waiting a few hours. 

Second night in a row I have to take a quick detour to Wildheart Point. They have a small bed I can borrow. It’s not much but under these circumstances it’s worth the silver. Now that I have proven myself to their friends it’s a lot cheaper. Thankfully. Cause once again I’m nearly broke. 

Good night

Last but not least, here is Impsy. How I was able to Carrie him back, I have no idea. But, I made it. I did my job. Not sure I would do it again, to be honest. 

Dear Iron Man Diary: Felwood next 

Travelling all the way from Thousand Needles takes a long time. It’s taxing on both the hippogryph and myself. I paid a a lot of the gold I earned to make sure I could travel the long distance by air to save time and my sanity. Along the stops I was able to meet loads of people and make new friends. I also made sure to keep my promise, stopping by Sindrayl in Moonglade. I was more than happy to do so. I could finally see the legendary town with my own eyes and not through someone else’s. 

Sindrayl took care of my travel companion and made sure she was healthy after the long trip. It also made sure she was healthy enough to make the long trip back to its owner in Thousand Needles. I expect a letter when the bird have returned safe. It should take no longer than 3 days. 

Now that I have arrived safely in Felwood it is time to find a bed and get some well deserved sleep. I love sleeping. Normally I would sleep under the stars, but not on this adventure.